Sony-Ericsson's P990 is supposed to ship in Q1 of 2006, but not everyone is going to get what they expected. Rather than risk using a whole new design, concept, and formula for a new smartphone, SE decided they'd rather just play it safe and heap on the goods. One unique feature that stands out is the ability to access both 3G and Wi-Fi networks simultaneously, something never done before on a smartphone, SE claims. It boasts 80 MB of internal memory and a 64 MB removable memory stick, which is perfect for all that e-mail building up. As expected, a built-in keypad will be included for easy typing and will even feature a built-in business card scanner. Lots of new goodies, but nothing extremely new or interesting. Damn you, P990. Hopefully before production starts, some interesting additions or changes can be made.

P990 Smartphone offers small improvements [The Inquirer]


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