Sony Inadvertantly Advertises XBox 360

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A note from kind reader Michael, which states, in part:

Attached I've included some pictures of the Metreon in San Francisco, taken not more than a week ago. Mind you that the Metreon is owned and operated by Sony, and has one of the largest Sony home electronics showrooms on the west coast as well as a large interactive gaming area. Hundreds of fanboys lined up in the rain in front of the Metreon when the PSP was released last fall. Anyways, I walked into the Metreon to pick up some movie tickets I had on reserve, and holy shit! It looked like an Xbox Christmas display. IN THE SONY METREON.

The horror! Sony must have been all like "XBox? That's some minor player in the rarified world of home consoles. Perhaps we will sell our floor space for BILLIONS of DOLLARS to them! Send them a bill for a BILLION DOLLARS" and then Bill Gates sent like a billion dollar check, one of those big Ed McMahon ones, that says "TO: Sony ONE BILLION CASH MONEY" and Sony was all like "WHA!"

UPDATE - Reader Pete sets us straight after the jump.

Just as an FYI, I saw the story and thought I would point out that the Metreon and Microsoft have a partnership. When it launched, the Metreon had the ONLY Microsoft store (dedicated only to Microsoft crap, and expensive crap too!) in the world. It ended up crashing and they closed the store, but kept the partnership. Part of that is marketing Microsoft in displays. Just thought you might want to know.