If you have an old TV lying around, it may actually be worth something again —like $100 towards a new Sony set to be specific. Besides encouraging consumers to spend ungodly amounts of money on Sony products, the offer is intended as to build on their "Take Back" Recycling program launched this past September.


Unlike the Take Back program, this new offer allows you to recycle any TV—not just Sony products. Unfortunately, you still have to drag that ancient beast down to one of the 79 Waste Management eCycling centers scattered throughout the U.S if you want to get your coupon. If you are up to the task, the $100 reward will be redeemable at Sony Style stores, online at sonystyle.com and through Sony's phone sales service at 1-877-865-SONY. A list of Drop-off locations can be found at www.wm.com/sony/ or by calling 1-877-439-2795. The coupon offer ends on March 15th. [Sony and SFGate via Slashgear]