Sony Opens "Official Licensed Product" Program For PSP, PS2, PS3 Peripherals

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Sony will soon start slapping their new seal, seen at left, onto approved third-party peripherals for their game consoles. This could mean a) more vetted, decent accessories or b) nothing at all, except higher prices and some new stickers.

Before we can guess what this'll mean to consumers we'll have to wait and see who opts into the plan, and what nature of product they can get away with making. From Sony:

By entering into a license agreement with SCE through this program, peripheral and accessory manufacturers will gain access to technical documentations necessary for designing and creating variety of licensed products for PlayStation platforms


The optimist in me sees some opportunities to further leverage the PS3's Bluetooth support and expand on its upcoming motion controller in one way or another, but again, this could amount to nothing. [Kotaku]