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Europe got the PlayTV, and now Japan is receiving a digital tuner for the PS3 of its own called the Torne.


Connecting to the PS3 via USB, the Torne adds internet-based program search and DVR functions to the PS3 (that still work even when you're watching a Blu-ray or something). Shows are recorded to either the PS3 itself or a connected USB hard drive.

Then, if you have a PSP, the shows can be transferred to either it or an intermediary media card, or, and this is the neater part, you could watch the shows from your PS3 on your PSP using Remote Play (and Wi-Fi). The Torne is out in Japan this March for about $110, and it will also be bundled with Japan's upcoming 250GB PS3. But there's still no word on a US-based tuner. [Kotaku]

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