Sony Wants A Robin Hood Cinematic Universe Because Why The @$% Not

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Dear every screenwriter in Hollywood: would you like a major studio to purchase your pitch? Then call your idea a "cinematic universe like the Avengers," and they'll be tripping over themselves to write you checks —just like Sony is doing for a massive Robin Hood movie franchise. Sigh.

Called Hood — because using full names is for wussy franchises — the series was conceived by the guy who wrote the Paul Bettany movie Priest. Here's how The Hollywood Reporter describes it:

One reason for the high price is that the pitch involves the magic words "universe" and "Avengers." The plan is to make a series of movies focusing on the outlaw archer and his band of Merry Men: Little John, Friar Tuck and Will Scarlett. One could say they were the superhero team of England's Middle Ages.


One could say that. One could say they were also sentient pastry people if one wanted to. One could even say that modern audiences would pay money to see a Friar Tuck spin-off movie, although one would be wrong as shit.

The tone of the story has been described Mission: Impossible and the recent Fast & Furious movies.


Oh my god. Just... sure, Sony. A Robin Hood cinematic universe in the style of Fast and the Furious. This is a perfectly sane and reasonable decision. Although I will give you grudging respect if you call the movies 2 Fast 2 Merry.

[Via Filmdrunk]