Report: Sony's PlayStation Store Goes Down Following Cyber Attack

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Things aren't getting any better for Sony. The Financial Times reports that Sony's PlayStation online store went down for approximately two hours overnight following a cyber attack. Early reports seem to indicate that no passwords or sensitive information were compromised.


While it's clear that PSN did suffer an outage, the cyber attack hasn't been confirmed by Sony. A Twitter account for a group called the Lizard Squad took responsibility for the outage, but that doesn't mean it's true. This could just an outage, even if its timing couldn't be worse.

Details on the supposed attack are slim, and Sony is reportedly still investigating. It's not clear if the outage and possible attack are related to the massive hack that resulted in the leak of unreleased Sony films, or the slew of Social Security numbers and passwords that were exposed in the hack. We'll update as more information becomes available. [Financial Times via Reuters]



HEY, XBOX One (eighty) owners,

We get you don't have any games to play, and that the Master Chief Collection is totally broken and virtually unplayable. We get you have tons of extra time on your hands, but hacking Sony? That's not cool. Maybe you can hack 343 Studios and try to get your money back instead?


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