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Sony's Project Morpheus Headset Will Go On Sale In 2016

Illustration for article titled Sonys Project Morpheus Headset Will Go On Sale In 2016

At Mobile World Congress this weekend, HTC and Valve threw down the virtual reality gauntlet; their VR is shipping this year. Now, it looks like Sony is following as fast as it can. It's shipping its Project Morpheus and bring the PS4 into VR-land in the first half of 2016.


Sony announced the news at this year's Game Developers Conference where it also revealed the newest (not for sale) prototype of the device. It's improved from the original pretty much all around, but the biggest thing to note is that its screen can handle video at 120 frames per second. That's leaps and bounds beyond anything else out there and will go a long long way to making things seem realistic from inside of your goofy screen helmet.


We'll be getting hands on with the new prototype shortly to tell you how great (or not great) it really is, but with yet another VR headset confirmed to ship within about a years time, it's on. Come on Oculus, when are you gonna announce your date already, huh?

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I was under the impression that this was going to be a Playstation 4 accessory, but adding features such as a 120fps screen make me wonder if it'll work with PCs as well. Obviously because the PS4 can't support 120fps. On another note, I'm fairly surprised how quickly Sony is getting this out the door. I know they said they wanted to make it a real product from the start, but I guess I just never fully bought it.