SOPA Outrage Is Breaking the Senate's Websites

Illustration for article titled SOPA Outrage Is Breaking the Senate's Websites

It looks like many of you really don't like this SOPA thing! And best of all, you're actually doing something about it: US Senate contact pages are being hammered so hard, they're crashing.


Mark Begich (D - AK)? His site's down completely. Barbara Boxer (D - CA)? Her is loading like it's hosted on a Palm Pilot. And yes, Patrick Leahy (D - VT), you who co-sponsored PIPA—your site is all the way down. Dead. Gone.

This might make it harder for the SOPA opposition to voice its dissent, but it also sends a message louder than any one email. But don't stop trying—keep the hammers hammering. [US Senate via The Verge]



But does it really send a message?

Does a senator really know the up-time of their own site, or is that something completely dealt with by their tech people? The senator probably doesn't know how much gas is in the tank of the limo he's riding in, leave that to the driver.

I wonder if they're sitting around thinking "gee, that's funny, I expected to receive more emails from my website over this. People must like it."