Sorely Needed Nexus One 3G Fix Coming "In the Next Week Or So"

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It may have taken a mob of angry customers and hundred of online support requests, but Google has finally come to terms with the Nexus One's glaring 3G reception problems. And they're going to fix it soon, probably!


Inconspicuously planted in a Nexus One Google forum thread, (is this really how you want to run customer support, guys?) a Google employee promises relief. The issue, as suspected, comes down to software, which explains both why the Nexus One can't hold a consistent 3G signal in a location where another T-Mobile handset can, and how a company as established as HTC could have released a phone that can't get signal (the answer: they didn't).

The fix should come OTA in the next week or so, pending further testing. So, Nexus O(w)ne(r)s: let us know if it starts showing up.

I wanted to post an update to the Nexus One Help Forum to let you know what we've been working on to help address the 3G issues some of you have been facing. I also wanted to thank you for being patient as we work to investigate the problem, an effort which has included our hardware partners.

Our engineers have uncovered specific cases for which a software fix should improve connectivity to 3G for some users. We are testing this fix now, initial results are positive, and if everything progresses as planned, we will provide an over-the-air software update to your phone in the next week or so. It may be, however, that users are experiencing problems as a result of being on the edge or outside of 3G coverage, which a product fix cannot address.

Thanks again for your patience and for your feedback, and we will continue to keep you informed.


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