Sorry Other Gamers—Xbox Users Are Better At Sex

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Looks like all those sleepless nights cozied up next to the tender warmth only an Xbox can provide have finally paid off. For you, noble Xbox user, have officially been crowned the Sexy Time Champ.

As Metro reports, VoucherCodesPro conducted a study that polled the significant others of 1,747 gamers to find out A) which consoles they used and b) how satisfied they were with their performance. Their sex performance. Turns out that, for the most part, gamers make pretty average sex friends.

As far as general results, Metro notes:

The results saw just 11 per cent respond ‘excellent', while most - 27 per cent said their partner was ‘good', 26 percent said their partner was ‘average' and a disappointing 20 per cent branded their partner's bedroom skills as ‘below average'.


But here's where it gets interesting: Xbox users (you dogs, you) had a 54 percent chance of being rated as "good"or above and a 22 percent chance of being excellent. But if that's not you, don't feel bad! Assuming, of course, that you're a Wii enthusiast, because they had a 47 percent shot at ranking "good" or above.

Another interesting little tidbit came in the fact that 11 percent of the people surveyed wanted their partner to engage in "less sex, more gaming." Which leaves us only to assume that therein lies the Gamecube enthusiast. [Metro via BetaBeat]


Image credit: Shutterstock/Stéphane Bidouze