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Word on the street is that groups of the so-called "Soulless" are gathering peacefully to silently protest the impending Miracle Day, rumored to be taking place this Friday. Some believe that Miracle Day will be a day for rejoicing (probably because, allegedly, no one will ever die again), but others remain cautious.


Miracle Day is being touted as an event that could affect every human on the planet. Starting July 8, 2011, no one will die. And then the next day, no one will die. And the next day, and so on. People will keep aging, get hurt, get sick, but they'll never die. Can you say instant population boom? Experts project that after 4 months' time, Earthly resources will be desiccated, and human life will cease to be viable.

With scant information from the shady organizers, officials encourage vigilance for the coming few days. Look out for the Soulless in your neighborhood.


For more on this developing story, tune in to STARZ this Friday night at 10 PM ET for "Torchwood: Miracle Day."

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