South Koreans Discover 'True Blue' Material for Better OLED Screens

Illustration for article titled South Koreans Discover True Blue Material for Better OLED Screens

OLED screens are pretty awesome all around, but they have more than a few Achilles Heels to overcome before they're accepted into the mainstream. That said, one of the hurdles has allegedly fallen this weekend, thanks to new research out of South Korea. According to the AP, South Korean scientists have developed an efficient "true blue" material that, while sounding like a 1991 Madonna album, is actually a pretty important step forward for OLEDs.You see, OLEDs, for all their potential greatness, have a heck of a time producing the blue light necessary to produce great images (red, green, blue light makes TVs happy!). Red and green light works fine, but blue remained elusive. That's where the South Koreans come in. The discovery was the work of Pusan National University chemistry professor Jin Sung-Ho, who said the discovery was an important one for advancing the energy efficiency of OLEDs. For gadget lovers, it's yet another piece of the puzzle that, when completed, will mean powerful, beautiful OLED TVs are a mainstay in homes across the world. [AFP]


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so what problems/hurdles still remain?