Speck iPod nano Cases

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The iPod nano hasn't been out a week and already there are a kajillion third-party cases for the tiny player. Speck, maker of the iGuy, just announced a grand total of nine cases—just for the nano, making them the largest seller of cases for the iPod nano so far (they claim). Here's the skin-filled lineup: the SkinTight, the SkinTight Deluxe, the ToughSkin, the nano iGuy (of course), the Cloud FunSkin, the Grass FunSkin, a nano ArmBand case, the Connect&Protect (a collection of holsters, lanyards, and wrist straps), and the See-Thru 3-pack. They run about $19.95 to $34.95 each, and will be for sale in October. Check out the press release or product page for the full details.

Press Release [Speck Products]
Product Page [Speck Products]


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