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SpeedModo: ~1Mbit EVDO Downloads with Sony's Sexxed Up Vaio TX Subnotebook

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've had our mitts on Sony's TX — the first Cellular equipped laptop capable of DSL speeds — for a bit now. But this morning, Sprint upgraded their EVDO network to the faster, DSL speed Revision A standard. And this gorgeous little subnotebook sucked down cellular bits like I've never seen a WWAN chipset do. On average, it hit 500kbits DL, but at its best, it downloaded Firefox to the tune of 157 KBytes a second, or over 1Mbit/s.


Granted, I am on Twin Peaks, less than 1000 feet from the physical peak of San Francisco. But these speeds are unheard of for a built in data connection. I've put data test images from and after the jump, if you're interested.


And the hardware itself isn't bad either. The TX's carbon fiber chassis, 11-inch ultrabrite screen, dual layer dvd burner, finger print scanner, and smart keyboard had me at "HELLO." (Oh yes, I am so giddy about this notebook that just dropped Jerry F-ing Maguire quotes on you.) A gut check on speed and battery life: Batteries go on and on, with the TX's ability to shut down individual components, user spec'd. And Core Solo is about as good as it gets for lappie this small. The details: click on through for a visual tour of the bits and ports of the notebook.