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6 Seconds of New Spider-Man: No Way Home Footage Is Here to Rock Your World

Yup, six whole seconds. That's all you get ahead of the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home rerelease.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
a crop of the poster for the no way home rerelease
Holy crap, Sony put out an official image of the other Spider-Men!
Image: Sony Pictures

You’ve heard of Five Seconds of Summer, but what about Six Seconds of Spider-Man? That’s what Sony decided to release this week as a tease of what to expect when Spider-Man: No Way Home - The More Fun Stuff Edition comes back to theaters next week. Six seconds. Get pumped!

The film is out September 2, which means screenings start September 1, and tickets are now on sale. We know for a fact that the already 148 minute movie is returning with 11 minutes of additional footage but, up until now, there was only educated speculation as to what that footage would be. Well, this 15-second teaser clip contains six whole seconds from the 11 minutes. Which, if you do the math, means nine seconds of the teaser is previously seen footage. Here goes.

SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME - Back in Theaters September 2

We believe everything from the six second mark to the 11 second mark is new footage, and in that time we get to see two new scenes and an extension of another. There’s a scene of Peter in his gym at school, one of him webbing up a bad guy in the street, and then a smidge of new dialogue from arguably the movie’s best scene, when the three Spider-Men shoot the shit before the final battle. (I went back to the original movie to confirm and I’m pretty sure those two lines are new.)


What does any of that tell us? Not too much. But I was intrigued by the notion of what school would have been like for Peter, Ned, and MJ the day or two they were there and to see a bit more of that potential madness is fun. And seriously, if all 11 minutes of added footage were just Tobey, Andrew, and Tom riffing, that would have been perfect—so anything new there is good.

So yeah, while we’re joking about it being only six seconds, there’s plenty to like and get interested in. The bigger question then becomes, will you be heading out to see this new version? Let us know below.


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