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Spock-Ear Plastic Surgery Mod is Not Logical

Illustration for article titled Spock-Ear Plastic Surgery Mod is Not Logical

Ever thought of getting yourself a permanent pair of Star Trek Vulcan ears? A day trip to the plastic surgeon can get that done for you. This body modification is said to enhance the music listening experience, but then, you have to go around looking like Spock to enjoy that questionable benefit.


Done under local anesthesia, the plastic surgeon uses existing ear cartilage and skin to extend the top of the ear, and after three to four weeks, it's healed up enough for you to convincingly start telling people to live long and prosper. But what if your new ears make music sound worse? There's no word on how difficult it is to reverse the surgery. Maybe there's a way to test out the effect before you take the plunge. Hey, all the hepcats in New York are doing it, so it must be cool. [Plasmetic]

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I think it looks a bit dumb, but then, they can hide their ears with long hair, or a bandana. Horns out the forehead and facial piercings are a lot harder to hide during a job interview.

With that being said, the lady pictured is cute enough either way, but I would hate to have to explain to people at cocktail parties that she actually INTENDED to look that way.