Spotify Was Forcing Users to Stay Logged into Facebook Forever

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Sharing your Spotify music on Facebook can be a little embarrassing. No biggie, just go private or deactivate Facebook from Spotify, right? Not quite! A bug in Spotify's client was logging users back into Facebook, even after they'd deactivated the service.


Some time after the launch of Facebook's new sharing platform, the Spotify client began logging users back into Facebook each time it launched, even after they'd specifically logged out. The bug's since been fixed, and apparently happened because Spotify had released several versions of its client in quick succession to add features like Private Listening.

So if you disconnected Facebook from Spotify some time ago and aren't the most attentive person in the world, you might want to check back and make sure you're still logged out. [All Things D via Techmeme]


Organized Chaos

Facebook's most recent update to their iPhone app has made it very awkward to log out. Click the Menu button, scroll down to the Account button (off screen), click Account then click Log Out, which is now at the bottom of the Account options instead of at the top like it was before. There's no doubt in my mind this was completely intentional. Make it such a chore to log out that people will probably just say screw it & stay logged in.