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Spotify's Free, Unlimited Streaming Is About to Become Free, Limited Streaming Real Soon

Illustration for article titled Spotifys Free, Unlimited Streaming Is About to Become Free, Limited Streaming Real Soon

When Spotify first launched in America last July, they promised that streaming from the desktop app would be free and unlimited for the first six months. Well for those of you who subscribed on day one, that six months is about to expire next Saturday. What does it mean for you?


Spotify hasn't said for sure yet, but the rumor has long been that you'll be limited to 10 hours of streaming per month and you'll only be able to listen to a song five times max. If true, it will more or less mimic the Euro version of Spotify's freemium service. Of course, if you signed up after day one, your Spotify lifestyle will go unchanged until your six month mark is reached. Business Insider says that users have begun receiving emails telling them that their free, unlimited days are over and prepare for the looming streamingocalypse (my words, not theirs).

For those of you about to be affected, do you love Spotify enough to subscribe, or will you jump ship to the freer territories of MOG and Rdio? [Business Insider via ZDnet]

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If only there was a website chocked full of free downloadable music with a catchy name like " The Pirate Bay " or something, what a world that would be... or you could pay money for a redundant service.