Sprint CEO: We Won't Have Enough Palm Pres to Meet Launch Demand

It could be an innocent statement of fact, but Sprint CEO Dan Hesse's 'admission' that the company will have trouble meeting early demand for Palm Pres reeks of hypemongering. He's not necessarily saying that there's a Pre shortage, per se, but that demand will be super high—the exact thing you'd expect any CEO to say in the same situation.

That's not stopping some from drawing wider inferences, mostly from this shaky report that there will only be 30,000 units available at launch. There's isn't much reason to believe that report in the first place, but even if you do, it doesn't even specify whether this 30,000 figure applies to one retailer or the supply as a whole. As you were, Preverts. [Slashgear via MyPre via Reuters]

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Will anyone be camping out for this like the IPhone? Probably not. They have to make their own buzz while His Steveness lets the fanbois do it for him.