Sprint Offers Unlimited Voice, Data For $119

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Helio's got their $99 unlimited plan, but now Sprint, one of the four majors, is joining the all-you-can-eat club. At $119 it's a little more expensive than Helio (even though Helio's actually using Sprint as a backbone), and you still need a separate Power Vision pack or BlackBerry data plan for smartphones (so it's not quite all-in for $119). Boy Genius is saying that this is rolling out nationwide, but Engadget says that it's only restricted to four markets: San Francisco, Philadelphia, Tampa and Minneapolis/St. Paul. We're checking to confirm. [Sprint Unlimited via Boy Genius via Engadget]



Come to think of it, $119 is kinda pricey.

How about this:

10k minutes

Free Nights Weekends

100GB per month

$70 bucks, yeah?