Sprint Phones Now Come With Nude Photos of Employees (Free!)

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Daryl J. Roy isn't your average Sprint sales drone. Service doesn't stop just because you've got the receipt and walked out the door. Have you ever checked out Sprint's picture mail? He wanted to make sure Nicole McElveen did after she purchased some new phones from him. So he sent her a few picture messages, even though she didn't pay for the service, before really showing off the resolution and clarity of their cameras with full-frontal nude pics of himself. Just to make sure she saw how good the pictures were, he re-sent them three different times.

Now she's suing Sprint and Daryl for $1 million—her husband, David, adds in the filing that the toll on his wife from the pictures has cost him the "services, companionship, love, affection and consortium of his wife." Daryl says that's total BS, they had corresponded over text messages, and she had asked for photos of him and that she actually "expressed her appreciation for receiving such photographs."

Usually the truth lies somewhere in the middle, but honestly, I don't want to get anywhere near this thing, much less thrust my consciousness into the center of it. [Dayton Daily News via Crunchgear]

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