Sprint to Build WiMax Network by 2008

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We've seen the chips that handle WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) getting smaller and smaller, and now we hear that Sprint will be using WiMax for its next-generation service, otherwise known as 4G. That's right, think Web on the move, anywhere and fast. Next Tuesday, Sprint Nextel will announce it will be building a broadband wireless network using WiMax technology, according to BusinessWeek.

Why should we care? Even though it might take until 2008 before nationwide coverage is available using Sprint's WiMax, this could mean that the free ride is over for those moronic cable companies, offering up competition for their cable modem monopolies. DSL will also be hit with some serious competition. WiMax? It's like WiFi to the max, with broadband everywhere. Coming soon to a world near you.


Sprint's Boundless Ambitions [BusinessWeek]

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If they do this, and do it well, I promise to fall off the Verizon teat and search out the nearest Sprint Teat dribbling techie milk.

And to think, My Verizon contract is up in 2008.