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Sprint WiMax Changes Afoot, Including Possible Merger With Clearwire

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Okay, maybe the sky is falling for Sprint. According to the WSJ, Sprint's board is looking at several hard choices regarding their risk-laden WiMax venture, one of which is to spin off the WiMax unit to merge with frenemy Clearwire, forming an entirely new public company. For investors, this might be a sweet spot because it'd ease WiMax doubters' minds (and wallets) while the more daring money-flingers can throw capital at it to their hearts' content.


Other possibilities include enticing new investors to pump more cash into their WiMax division, buying Clearwire or locking up their sort-of deal from earlier this summer. But, anything involving fireworks will have to wait until a new, permanent CEO jumps into the mix, which could take a while. [WSJ]