Spyshot Shows What Looks to Be The New MacBook Pro

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As is always the case, this undercover iPhone pic of what appears to be the new MacBook Pro is too blurry to rule for sure one way or the other. But as far as spyshots go, this one's looking pretty solid. And just like with the presumed-fake-and-then-verified-true iPod nano leaked pics from last time (coincidentally also sent in by our friend JR here), it matches what's been popping up in even more dubious pics over the last few weeks-a more rounded, piano-black bezel, MacBook Air-like keyboard and a large (although not glass) trackpad (and as many of you commenters have also asked, where is the trackpad button?). We'll know for sure tomorrow at 10AM PST-stay tuned until then. [Thanks, JR!]



and on an "opinion note" since everyone likes to throw these out.... gah i really hate the black :( i love the design - they always have solid design! black is... just not my thing.

and as a designer, what the hell is up with the glossy screens?! you can't browse/design/whatever worth crap on a glossy screen in daylight...