Unconfirmed: An Actual Picture of the New iPod Nano

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Looks like we've got a supposedly legit, actual spy shot of the new iPod nano in its packaging (apparently originally posted by MacNN in an obscured form before getting cleared up). Thankfully, while it confirms everything we've been hearing about it, it's much, much prettier and Apple-y than what Kevin Rose provided us with, which looked like it was crapped out of a plastic robot Ewok or something before it had its picture taken. This, all assuming that it's actually a legit picture. Orange? My dream of a lime green nano on Tuesday now has wings. Update: We have changed the photo again for one without watermarks we just got in the mail. [MacNN-Thanks Mike]



Anyway, regarding the product, I'm glad to see that the orange color made it to the nanos. Also, I was right about the port. Apple will never be rid of their proprietary port.

I'm still pretty skeptical about the whole curvy thing. That's still not settling well in my mind. I'll have to see it in person and see if it grows on me.