Kevin Rose iPod Rumors: Price Cut, New iTunes 8.0 Features and Tall, Rounded Nano

Kevin Rose's Apple crystal ball has been wrong more often than not (he was sorta right about $199 iPhone), but this time he's seen pictures people! ("It looks pretty cool.") He says that not only will the new iPod nano be tall and skinny and giant-screened like we've heard, he says it'll be rounded (like iPhone 3G's ass-side, but all the way around), and even provides this handy rendering. His other rumorage, like a huge iTunes update with for-real new features, is all way more reasonable than his past forecasting, so they're actually possible too!

- Revamp of entire iPod line. - Small cosmetic changes to Touch, Nano to see significant redesign (see pic below). - iPods to see fairly large price drops to distance itself from the $199 iPhone. - iPod touch 2.1 software, iPhone to get update very soon after. - iTunes 8.0 ("it's a big update w/new features"). - All of this coming in the next 2-3 weeks.


In a way I kinda miss the crazier predictions even if he is more correct now-I liked hoping that at least one of his more outlandish ones was true. And he says more info-with pictures-is coming. Has Kevin finally gotten a rock solid source? [Kevin Rose]

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