New iPod nano Will Be Taller, Skinnier, More Zune-Like (Gasp!)

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iLounge is reporting that this year's iPod nano will have a bigger screen than the current generation, with the same 1.5:1 widescreen aspect ratio as the iPhone and iPod touch. In order to cram in that kind of screen real estate, it's getting stretched back out to its old school proportions (which I like better anyway). They're also saying that the rumor the nano will have a discoteque-worthy paintjob is "most likely inaccurate." But yeah, it does sorta look like a Zune! iPod season is here. [iLounge]



@DW: a touch screen would b nice along w/ the buttons for both the Zune and the Nano(if it were to have the bigger screen.

One of the articles here on Giz already says that the Zune 3 will have a WiFi music store and will b released in Europe too, but for the 09' holiday season(why?).

ik Microsoft is slow, but their's somewhat of a chance that the Zune 3 will receive more of an upgrade. 1 or 2 of the predictions:

Bigger screen(especially on the 4gb and 8gb models, that's actually close to the size of the glass/plastic/w/e it is! i hate the stupid border. my 3-year-old phone has a bigger screen than the 4gb/8gb Zune)

A larger capacity. c'mon Microsoft, Apple has double your storage(160gb). I'll give Microsoft credit for releasing the Zune 2 w/ the squircle touchpad tho.

A touch screen. Everyone wants touchscreens these days, and Microsoft did say that the Zune will have it someday. Microsoft is good on their word too *cough* Vista *end cough*, but Microsoft is moving in a direction with touchscreens. Windows 7 is made with touchscreens in mind(not just for Tablets). That new HP TouchSmart looks nice but I think that if all the computer manufacturers made desktops w/ touch for W7, then I mite b able to afford one someday.

When the Zune 4gb/8gb was released, I thought "nice, it has a bigger screen than the (then-)Nano, but then Apple eventually released the new (fatter) Nano, which I wasn't that big a fan of, design-wise. The Nano however, played vids w/o having to turn the screen/player. I like this, but again, not the fat design.

With the Zune, and I guess the future Nano, having the the touchpad/scroll wheel in that location is so weird/stupid when ur watching vids. There is no good way to hold it when watching vids and u want to press/click/flick stuff.

In one of the commercials for the Zune(Ballad of Tina Pink), the girl goes from the menu to play a vid, and she doesn't have to turn the screen(annoying) for the vid to b upright.

Last (of what?), the location of the Zune pad and what appears to be the future Nano, is a horrible place to put it. When upright, it's......on the bottom. cell phones have a keypad that's similar in size w/ the screen, and the iPod Classic too(and more towards the middle). It's annoying to hit the buttons on the very bottom several times on devices.

I just wasted so much of my time typing all of this when i could have been eating. *sigh*