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Squeeze it like you mean it baby! The Squeezebox 3 has been released from Slim Devices and it's got all kinds of features. Don't know what it is though? The Squeezebox is an MP3 player for your network that will work on Mac or PC. It scans your music libraries then alllows other networked Squeezeboxes to connect and play the music. It works real well if you have 2 stereo systems in the house and want to share music between them easily. Cool features you ask? Control your box through your web browser for one. When you're on the can with your laptop dying to hear Styx blast though the house, you can make it happen in a pinch. It comes with a remote for controlling the boxes, but if you have a PDA with wireless functionality, you can turn it into a ghetto Sonos system. You'll also get higher quality audio on this model than previous models, 802.11g support (finally!), and a better display. Squeezebox 3 supports MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, WAV, and Ogg Vorbis formats and runs $299 for the 802.11g model and $249 for the wired model.

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