Squirrel-Tracking Water Cannon Is a Triumph Of the Nerds

Despite their adorably puffy tails, squirrels are a genuine nuisance. So it warms our hearts to see the nerds of the world banding together to battle these furry invaders with what they do best: engineering over-the-top solutions like this water cannon sentry system.

This is war people, and you need to defend your bird feeders by any means necessary. So if you've got half an hour to spare—and a vendetta against those suburban rats—check out Kurt Grandis' presentation at Pycon US. He details the awesomely geeky turret-mounted Super Soaker he developed which uses custom Python code to differentiate between birds and squirrels, and blasts away the latter when they're detected on a bird feeder. Nerds: 1 Squirrels: 0. [YouTube via Naked Capitalism via BoingBoing]

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I have a bird feeder (and a bird bath) and I dont even like birds. In a nod to karma, however, I feed whatever comes to the feeder and dont worry about it. If the squirrels eat the bird food, at least they are leaving my flowers and plants alone.

PS-If you have squirrels someplace you dont want them, but out moth balls in the area. They dont harm the environment and the tree rats with pretty tails hate the smell and will avoid them.