Star Trek: Away Mission VR Will Grant You the Opportunity to Be Immersively Killed Off Like a Redshirt

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This could be you! Or a friend. Virtually speaking.
This could be you! Or a friend. Virtually speaking.
Image: Sandbox VR

Well, actually, it’s set during the time of Star Trek: Discovery, so you’ll be killed off like, an, err...bronzeshirt? Important difference!

CBS Interactive and Sandbox VR have announced Star Trek: Discovery Away Mission, a new group-based virtual reality experience. More in line with the Void’s Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire location-based experience, Away Mission isn’t for VR in the comfort of your own home, but instead a standalone experience coming to Sandbox locations across the U.S. this fall, and eventually to locations in Asia.

Check out the teaser:

Featuring voice work from Discovery’s Mary Wiseman (reprising her role as Sylvia Tilly), Away Mission sees a team of players beam down from the Discovery and onto an alien world, where they’ll do all the usual things a Star Trek away team does: scan weird shit with tricorders, get attacked by Klingons, and...try not to be eaten by giant alien slugs?


Yup, sounds like a typical Star Trek away mission. Except this time, any poor redshirts being bumped off to amplify the threat of all this boldly going will be virtually immersive for real people who will presumably not actually get eaten by giant alien slugs. That’d be a hard experience to recommend, Trek fan or otherwise.


Star Trek: Discovery Away Mission is set to begin recruiting Starfleet hopefuls later this year.

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