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Star Wars On Google Street View

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've already shown you that San Francisco has been overrun by Imperial Forces, but Google's Street View has revealed the shocking truth that it's not the only Californian city ripe for conquest by the Emperor - as anyone traveling down the virtual version of Hollywood Boulevard can see for themselves. We'll show the full shocking image that will have you realizing that LA is next... and that Darth Vader is a little short for a Sith Lord.


Anyone who Googles for 6860 Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, clicks on the "Street View" and then rotates the camera 180° will see the chilling picture above of popular Sith Lord Darth Vader directing his faithful Stormtrooper guard to shoot the Google camera van so as to not reveal their contemptuous hidden plans (and Darth's real height; apparently, he wore platforms for the movies). Obviously, the Stormtrooper was too late, but who knows how far the Imperial takeover of California has gotten since the picture was taken? There's no way of being sure, so all we can safely say is this: Nevada, Oregon and Arizona... Be warned. Be careful. And use the Force. [Google Maps] (Thanks, Patrick!)