Star Wars: Resistance Is Coming Back, and It's Bringing a Tentacle Monster

“I think I know who you are.”
“I think I know who you are.”
Image: Disney

The shadow of the First Order looms, but something even more dangerous is in the waters beneath.


In classic Star Wars tradition—see the Sarlaac Pit—it’s a tentacle monster, and it’s just one of the threats our heroes are going to have to deal with when Star Wars: Resistance returns on January 13th. To tide us over, we have a short promo that teases that and a whole host of other threats, as well as the lingering danger of Kaz’s cover falling apart.

But really I just love that everyone’s going to have to stop the spy shenanigans to stop a monster from destroying the station. That’s classic Star Wars. Excellent stuff, Disney Channel.

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Free Dom

Meh. I sat through the first 10 episodes with my kid, and while we’ll watch the last 2, I’ll be shocked if they can somehow get us to care about these characters so late in the game. First season nearly done, and there’s still no real “hook”.

Sure, both Clone Wars and Rebels got off to rough starts. But, Ahsoka and Ezra, and most of the rest of the characters, and there were real stakes. At least had grit and attitude. Whatshisname from Resistance is just a spoiled, cartoonish clown, and it always feels like he can just wash out and go home.

Sure looking forward to more from Filoni, though...