Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Gets The George Lucas Treatment

YouTuber timtimfed imagines how the newly released teaser for Star Wars: Episode VII might have looked had it been left in the hands of George Lucas. His "Special Edition" trailer is kind of mean – but it's also pretty hilarious.

In all seriousness, trailers are fun and all (spoof trailers, especially), but it's important to remember that terrible movies can have brilliant trailers. The opposite is also true – the original, 1977 trailer for Star Wars: Episode IV was preeeeetty bad.


H/t Lauren!


John Cooley

Obviously the CGI additions are humorous, but it also made me wonder about JJ's use of Star Wars imagery. In all of Lucas's SW films, including the OT, every frame is packed with rich detail and texture that you can go back and examine. I get that this is just an early teaser, but the images in this trailer didn't quite have that.

For example, that Tatooine location that Daisy Ridley speeds off to was featured in some leaked set shots. I thought for sure that the location would be expanded visually in some way, whether through models or CG, to give it a sense of scale worthy of SW. But nope, if you look in the trailer, it really is just a few buildings and a fence. And if you compare the inside of Oscar Isaacs cockpit with those of the OT, it's missing a ton of the cool little switches and nobs that gave the ships of the OT character.