Stare at This Solar Spinner Until the Drugs Kick In

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Hang this little bauble in the sunlight, and suddenly you have yourself a spinning solar disco ball. A solar cell on the top of the Solar Spinner powers a little DC motor that gets the thing turning. As it turns faster its sides stick out from the centrifugal force. Its refractive holographic film strips reflect a rainbow of colors, making it a rather attractive distraction.


Created by toymaker and inventor David Jost and licensed to Kikkerland Design of New York, this little trinket might be coming soon to a museum shop or novelty boutique near you

Product Page [David Jost/ Kikkerland Design]

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You know, as useless as this thing looks at first glance, I wonder if it wouldn't be an efficient fly and mosquito repeller. Let me explain. I grew up on the Gulf Coast where mosquitoes grow about as big as your hand. And for years I always saw people hanging clear plastic bags of water around their patios. Even restaurants did it. Amazingly, they never seemed to have near the mosquito problems others did.

The theory goes like this: the prism effect caused by the water and sunlight confused flies and mosquitoes to where they didn't want to be anywhere near the bags, and so they left the patios alone.

Now, I don't know how much of this is actually science fact and how much is bull, but it seemed to work. Maybe the tiny rainbow flecks sent out by this disco ball would do the trick as well.