Stargate gives us cute new aliens, same dark hallways

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This week, Stargate Universe introduced us to a new collection of crazy, yet kinda cute, alien life forms. Then we spent a lot of time wandering the dark hallway of a spaceship, again. The good and the bad, recapped below.

Spoilers ahead!

To be fair, I enjoyed this episode of SGU. I quite like the alien twist, their little pods, and the final climax, which resulted in Lou Diamond Phillips being stranded with a strange band of aliens. All in all it was fine holiday fun — but nothing to write home about. Lets dissect:

The Good:

- Methinks Rush has really done it now. Young is even more suspicious of our stubble-faced scientist, and I think the cat is going to be let out of the bag very soon. Hopefully Young can keep it together until then. It's almost like a race. Will Young be sober and in charge, by the time Rush is forced to show the rest of the crew Destiny's REAL Bridge? I'm enjoying watching both of these characters try to control everything - and in the process, only make things worse for themselves.


- T.J. doesn't want to talk about her dead baby. Here's hoping this causes massive mental problems for her later on down the road. I like T.J., but we'd like to be let into her psyche a bit more. Her chat with Riley last week (RIP) was the first time we ever really found out how she felt. I'd like to watch T.J. go through a few more stages of grief - nudge me when we get to RAGE.

- More Brody and Volker. This is never a bad thing. Especially when they're arguing about dried fruit.

- The aliens. I liked the look, size, and attitude of our new alien friends. I even like that we left Lou to be their new leader or prisoner - or judge of the alien beach volleyball team, who knows? And that's the fun. We don't know if they're evil - this, I like.

- Riley gets a funeral... even if only two people go.

- Ruggedly handsome Lucian Alliance guy, who has the hots for T.J., is still ruggedly handsome.


- [UPDATE] I forgot to mention this but it's still worth a note. Rush being completely unimpressed with the Seed ship's Stargate factory. Ha! Of course he was. I love this character.

The Bad:

- I have a bad feeling all we're going to see from the Lucian Alliance is hot redhead smarty pants, ruggedly handsome guy, and angry guy. It's like this entire crop of new faces has been boiled down to three stereotypes and a hand full of red shirts. (Or leather shirts, in the Lucians' case.)


- We spent way too much time during this episode walking down a dark hallway with shaky cam. Not enough time was spent with the aliens.

- Not enough space was spent on the aliens, either - instead we only got to see the creature in between the shoulders of other crew members. Why? Are we 3 feet tall?


- The dreaded montage.

And there you have it. It was a fun little episode, which seemed to only push Rush this much closer to revealing the real bridge and Young that much further off the wagon. I think enough time has been spent on these particular characters - now I want to know what Eli is up to. And it's probably time to reveal that Chloe is slowly turning into a big blue alien meanie from season 1.