Start Saving, Vista Prices Leaked

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The Canadian Microsoft retail pricing page had the various versions of Microsoft Vista listed along with their SKUs. It immediately got taken down, but not before they were recorded for the world to see. Here is the big 'ole list. I busted out the abacus and converted all of the prices to USD. I'm such a nice guy.

Full Version
•Vista Ultimate $450
•Vista Business $341
•Vista Home Premium $269
•Vista Home Basic $233
Upgrade Version
•Vista Ultimate Upgrade $269
•Vista Business Upgrade $224
•Vista Home Premium Upgrade $179
•Vista Home Basic Upgrade $116

In all reality the prices are pretty average. Sure the $450 standalone Ultimate version is a bit high, but most users will be buying upgrade versions, and $116 isn't that bad for an entire operating system.


Vista prices revealed! [ZDNet]

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Not An Apple Fan Boy!

My beef is read the article, they clearly comment on us pricing and conversion:


Based on current U.S. prices (which I wrote about last week), I would expect Windows Vista to sell in the U.S. for the following prices (full/upgrade):

Windows Vista Ultimate $349/$199

Windows Vista Business $269/179

Windows Vista Home Premium $239/$139

Windows Vista Home Basic $199/$99

Of course, these are guesses only. Some discounts will probably be available in the retail channel. OEM prices will, of course, be significantly lower. And I expect Microsoft to offer some enticing promotions when Windows Vista ships to encourage early adoption.

Update 8:55AM PDT: I notice some folks discussing this issue elsewhere are making a common mistake and simply converting the Canadian prices into U.S. dollars at current exchange rates. The two markets don't work that way. You'll get a much more accurate picture by doing what I've done here, which is to compare the relative prices of the new Vista versions to current XP versions and then make similar adjustments to the U.S. price list. You can do the same with other countries as well.