Stephen King, J.J. Abrams, and Julianne Moore Will Team Up for Lisey's Story

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Is it J.J. Abrams week around here? Not on purpose I assure you!

During the Television Critics Association’s Apple TV+ presentation, the streaming platform revealed the first look at Lisey’s Story, the latest J.J. Abrams and Stephen King collaboration (see also: Castle Rock).


King’s novel Lisey’s Story, which will star Julianne Moore as the titular Lisey, follows a woman as she mourns her late husband (Clive Owen) then has to face the repressed memories of their relationship. At least based on that description, I feel like I saw that Stephen King movie already. If anything happens to Lisey’s hand, I’m out.

The rest of the cast is absolutely out of control, featuring Joan Allen, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Dane DeHaan, and Ron Cephas Jones. Put Ron Cephas Jones in everything, please. Meanwhile, King has neatly avoided hating another adaptation of his work by adapting the novel himself, something made all the more crucial by King’s love of this particular story.

Lisey’s Story means a lot to me because it’s the one I love best,” King said during the panel. “It’s a story about love and marriage and the creative impulse and also has a kick-ass villain in it.”

Lisey’s Story will drop this summer on Apple TV+.


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I love Lisey’s Story. It’s a real gutpunch of a book, a concept that Stephen King came up with when he asked himself “What if I actually died due to that truck and Tabitha had to go on without me?”

But also it’s fucking creepy and the Long Boy is terrifying.

Only slightly concerned that King is writing the script — the last script he wrote was for Cell, which...nobody really saw. But on the whole, I think he can pull it off. As long as he doesn’t go full Maximum Overdrive on us.