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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Stephen King Tie-In with Cellphone Users

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you actually still like to read books, this multimedia tie-in should make you feel a little more connected to the digital world. Looks like a company called Flytxt—a mobile marketing provider that has teamed up with book publisher Scribner—is planning an exclusive mobile tie-in with Stephen King's latest book called Cell. Basically, you'll get an SMS to join the Stephen King VIP Club on January 18, sent out via Yahoo!, that will also ask you to check out the website Once there, you'll be asked again to join the Club. If you choose do so, on January 24 (publication day), you'll receive a voice message from Stephen King himself, as well as weekly messages advertising trivia, sweepstakes, polls, and other Cell-related content. Also expect some premium content, like wallpapers and Stephen King talk-tones, which you'll have to pay for. And best of all? You'll also get a podcast where the author reads a monologue. We all know Stephen King has been ahead of his time when it comes to digital content, which is great, but let's hope this book doesn't disappoint.

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