Steve Bannon, National Embarrassment, Is Out [and Going Back to Breitbart]

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Steve Bannon, the chief strategist to Donald Trump, former executive of Breitbart, and idolizer of such figures as Darth Vader and Satan, is expected to be removed from his position at the White House, according to the Drudge Report and New York Times.

To briefly eulogize the accomplishments of the alleged self-fellator and wife-beater, Bannon has been conceptualized as working from the shadows of the administration—the possible architect of Trump’s draconian Muslim ban. Though he left his position at Breitbart for 1600 Pennsylvania, Bannon was believed to have continued contact with the website he once described as the “platform of the alt-right,” leading some to conclude the site served as little more than government propaganda. He referred to that same nationalist contingent he helped whip into a bigoted frenzy as “ a collection of clowns” in an interview earlier this week.

According to journalist Gabriel Sherman, a source close to Bannon says he’s expected to return to Breitbart after leaving the White House. The transition is expected to be smooth. A source within the White House told Axios Bannon has “no projects or responsibilities to hand off.”


Prior to his tour of duty driving the American public to hate their neighbors, Bannon was also deeply involved in a company which took advantage of a legal grey market to mine and sell in-game currency from MMORPGs like World of Warcraft for actual cash. His business partner in this, Brock Pierce, was alleged of having drugged and/or raped several young men while co-founder of disastrous start-up Digital Entertainment Network.

His long-awaited firing comes less than a week after the deadly neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, which Trump has still failed to condemn in strident terms. Meanwhile, every other stooge in the country has gronked the fact that saying “Nazis are bad” is the easiest political win they’ve ever been handed.


The history of this chaotic time will need to include the name “Steve Bannon,” and for that we are all worse off.

Update 8/18/17 6:11pm: Bannon has already slunk back to Breitbart, chairing the company’s editorial meeting this evening. According to White House officials he’s preparing to use his post outside the administration to launch an offensive against moderate members of the Trump cabinet.


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