Scaramucci Is Hosting an Online Event Because America Hasn't Seen the Last of The Mooch [Update: We Regret To Inform You That The Mooch Cancelled The Event To Spend More Time With His Family Which Is Probably For The Best If You Heard About The Fact That He Missed His Kid's Birth To Spend Time With Trump]

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Anthony “the Mooch” Scaramucci may have lasted just 10 days in the White House before getting booted, but America hasn’t gotten rid of him. The widely ridiculed Trump regime official says he plans to host an online event on Friday. Because Scaramucci clearly isn’t ready to give up the limelight just yet.

As CNN reports, Scaramucci is getting some help with his broadcast from Fox News co-president Bill Shine, but it’s not yet clear how you’ll be able to watch the event. All we know so far is that it will air sometime during the day to “address the American people directly.”

Scaramucci was fired by new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly after the Mooch gave a crass interview to the New Yorker where he said things like, “I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock.” President Trump reportedly loved the interview, but it didn’t sit well with some conservatives who presumably find autofellatio to be against God’s will.


Alt-right vlogger Mike Cernovich obtained a copy of an internal memo that laid out Scaramucci’s grand plan for the White House communications team and posted it on Medium. And it might give a hint for what Scaramucci has in store for us.

The memo describes, among other things, ways to turn the White House into a content-generating machine using platforms like Facebook Live. Scaramucci even specifically said that the White House should be producing “The President Donald J. Trump” show. With all the constant coverage of this disastrous presidency on cable news, you’d be forgiven for thinking that we already have The Donald J. Trump Show.


From the memo:

d) People are fascinated by the lives of their Presidents and the operation of the White House. POTUS is the greatest TV star in history. Comms should produce video content that constructively operates as “The President Donald J. Trump” show. Obama scratched the surface of this. POTUS should take it to the next level

e) Rather than traditional press conferences, POTUS should take questions from real citizens via Facebook live and/or other social media platforms.

f) Comms should consider a range of ideas including a modernized fireside chats where POTUS sits with a Cabinet member (and/or senior government official) to discuss the relevant issues. Perhaps, Sarah or Kellyanne could act as a moderator. These videos should have running times of between 15–20 minutes.


Scaramucci may not have the opportunity to spread Trump’s message of hate and bigotry anymore—though judging by the president’s press conference yesterday, he’s doing just fine on his own. But thanks to technology, Americans will get at least one more taste of the Mooch on Friday, presumably using some of the ideas he wasn’t able to implement during his short tenure. The only question will be whether anyone bothers to tune in.

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Correction: This post originally misspelled the word “autofellatio.” I regret the error and send my most sincere apologies to the very talented Mr. Bannon.


Update, 1:32pm: Well, that was quick. Scaramucci just tweeted that his event tomorrow is cancelled.


RIP The Mooch.