Stolen MacBook Victim Uses Screen Sharing and iSight to Bust Thieves

A White Plains, NY woman who was the victim of burglary, including her MacBook, used the Back To My Mac screen sharing feature to turn on her webcam and capture images of the unwitting culprits using the computer. As a result, police were able to arrest the thieves and recover most of the stolen goods, which included two laptops, two flat-screen televisions, two iPods, gaming consoles, DVDs and computer games.

This plan first launched into action when a co-worker of the nameless woman at the Apple Store noticed her computer online and notified the woman. She was then able to log into her computer and the rest is history. So the moral of the story is this: If you steal a MacBook, please be sure to cover the iSight with some tape. Otherwise, you could also be charged with a second degree felony. [Iohud via TUAW]



What options do you have with Dell, HP, Gateway? $0 a YEAR for no such service?

And, by out-of-the-box, I meant that Leopard comes pre-installed and you get a free trial of .mac, so yes, this would work out of the box for a few months anyway. Then you can pay. Either way, it is nice to have such an option.