Stop What You're Doing and Go Get Jack in the Box's New Bacon Milkshake Right Now

Jack in the Box has some crap your pants good news that'll make today feel like your birthday: they're going to be selling Bacon milkshakes. YES. What's even awesomer: Vegetarians, Muslims and Jews can drink it too!

Sadly for pork lovers, the shake is only bacon-flavored which to swine haters means the shake is vegetarian! Jack in the Box flavors the bacon shake with Torani bacon-flavored syrup so you might be even able to pass this off as a healthy meal (no you can't). I'm a little sad that they didn't mix up real bacon in the shake but hey, I'm sure it tastes amazing.

The Bacon milkshake is supposedly a secret item so you'll have to whisper it under your breath as you order it. According to the Jack in the Box a regular bacon shake has 773 calories and 40 grams of fat. Tasty! [Jack in the Box via Huffington Post]


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