Strap a Time-Telling Spaceship To Your Wrist

There are lots of ways to blow hundreds of thousands of dollars if you're a watch fan or collector, but what if the traditional round face doesn't interest you? De Bethune's unorthodox new Dream Watch 5 looks like it was inspired by one of Starfleet's spacecraft, and no one will ever mistake it for boring old Rolex.


Peering through a window on the top of the watch reveals the time—facilitated through a set of rotating discs—as well as a tiny moonphase indicator that saves you from ever having to look up at the night sky again. Otherwise, the Dream Watch 5 takes a very simple and streamlined approach to watch design.

The smooth polished housing is made from—you guessed it—genuine titanium, and the crown is adorned with an actual ruby that looks like a spaceship's rocket-powered engine with enough imagination. But for $165,000, you can pretend it's whatever you want to it to. [De Bethune via Perpetuelle]


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