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Stream iTunes To Your Wii With Orb

Illustration for article titled Stream iTunes To Your Wii With Orb

With a simple hack to Orb's streaming software, a Swedish Wii owner made his iTunes stream music and photos directly to his Wii.


Thanks to Orb's acceptance of third-party addons, they've accepted this as an official feature. All you have to do is download Orb to your Windows-based PC and you're set. At our count, this is the first of the three consoles to be able to stream DRM-protected iTunes music from your PC.

Product Page [Orb via Reg Hardware via Crunchgear]

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How many errors must be corrected every hour?

The Wii will stream only NON-DRM tracks and there's nothing any PC-based software can do about that.

Except one thing. Remove the DRM. We're not talking some DMCA-violating hack, but basically just playing the music through the proper DRM-supporting codec and then streaming the results.

This is what Orb or any number of other products can do. Sure, there are a ton of streaming solutions that don't do this at all, but the point is that the decode of the DRM still happens on the host PC.

So while it's convenient, it's not some earth-shattering revelation. Any streaming player should be able to accept the same music.