Student HP Ad Shows Beautiful Alternate Universe Where Printers Are Fast, Predictable, Musical

In response to a call from Hewlett Packard for user-made advertisements, two students at London's Kingston University pulled off a mesmerizing synchronized printing routine with a stable of HP printers.

It's important to bear in mind here what's really been accomplished here. Yes, two students have created a professional-level advertisement, which is artistically and conceptually impressive. But more importantly—and I say this as someone who, like millions of others, spends my his life just one spool error away from a blinding fit of rage—they've tamed one of our generation's greatest technological beasts, and made it dance for us. Good work, fellas. [Tom and Matt via Digg]


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I've had my HP2605dn for 2 years without a problem or toner replacement.

(Disclaimer: I've printed 4 documents in 2 years)