Illustration for article titled Suicide Bomber Blown Up by Happy New Year Text

Most New Year's Eve texts are of the drunken "eyhehyyy happy nye yearrr!" variety—incoherent and maybe a little annoying. But they don't blow you apart, as happened to a would-be Russian suicide bomber. Those SMS triggers are risky!

While waiting at her safe house before a planned holiday attack on Moscow's Red Square, a woman—believed to be part of the same group responsible for the heinous Domodedovo airport bombing—received a sentimental text that set off her explosive belt. Presumably, the trigger text was supposed to be sent when the woman was in Red Square, not sitting around waiting. It was a nice thought, but this particular terrorist cell might want to put someone new on the "blow up text" job. At least it makes your January 1st hangover seem better in retrospect. [Leader-Post via]


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