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Last week we launched a contest to give away a CoPilot Live PocketPC Device. After weeding through the entries—all of which were very impressive—we have a winner. Max S has won the CoPilot Live. He has a 2006 Mustang GT that is tricked out with gadgets all over the place. Hit the jump for his complete, and impressive explanation of his car gadget setup.


A big thanks goes out to everyone who entered. We had some really good entries. Still looking to win some Gizmodo swag? Here is a hint, get out that video camera, start warming up your singing voice and keep reading for more details to come.

When my wife and son travel we avoid flying and hit the road in comfort in our 2006 Mustang GT. When we're ready to leave I start up the Mustang remotely from the house with my watch (Camco Prostar Gold alarm) and let my Mac Mini (under the passenger seat and displayed on the sunvisor mounted LCDs) boot up. When we're heading to the car to load up our luggage I've got my hands full so my doors automatically unlock with the alarms proximity unlock sensor and I get us all ready to go.

On the road my wife connects to our Mac Mini via USB with our Verizon XV6700 over an EVDO broadband connection to browse the net and then connects to our Slingbox at home (connected to our Dish Network receiver) to finish watching a show my son was watching earlier on our 2 rear headrest mounted LCDs with wireless headset (so as not to disturb us in front). While my son watches TV my wife plugs in our iPod to the Pioneer Avic N2 head unit and we listen to some tunes and then switch over to our XM receiver to get the latest news. When I get a call I answer it with my Bluespoon AX2 Bluetooth headset and take notes with my Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard and when needed print out the info I need with my SiPix Pocket IR printer. Eventually my son will get bored watching TV so we pop in Lightspan games in the Playstation 2 under the passenger seat and let him play via the Predator Wireless PS2 controller. When my wife gets bored listening to music she fires up our 300GB external Seagate Hard drive to watch (via the mini on the sunvisor LCDs) one of over 200 of our favorite movies and tv shows ripped to divx on the drive.

When we make a pit stop and I'm waiting in the car I power up my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop and get nostalgic with some classic gaming emulation playing all my favorite Super Nintendo, N64, Nintendo, Sega Master System, Genesis, Saturn, Turbo Grafx 16 and Atari Jaguar, all on their original controllers via's conversions and adapters.

When we're almost at our destination my wife sends a video email to our family to let them know we've arrived safely with our USB webcam (over our EVDO connection on the XV6700)

While waiting in the lobby my son watches a movie on our Initial portable DVD player and my wife films his antics on our video camera and catches those precious moments on our Canon SD550 7.2 MP digital camera.

My wife then checks our itenirary to see if we're on schedule on our Compaq iPaq 3835. As I'm waiting for my room key I turn on my NHJ TV Watch and catch up with some local tv.

At the hotel we do the same playing games and watching movies on the larger hotel TV screen via the S-video out on our Inspiron 6000 laptop and our 300GB external drive.

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