Soyuz is rolling into position for launch day! The rocket will take off from Kazakhstan in the middle of this week, carrying Expedition 39 to the International Space Station.

Sunrise over the Baikonur Cosmodrone in Kazakhstan on Sunday, shortly before the Soyuz spacecraft was rolled into position.


The Soyuz TMA-12M spacecraft was rolled into position on the Baikonur Cosmodrone launch pad shortly after sunrise on Sunday morning. Launch is scheduled for 3:17 am March 26 local time (March 25th at 5:17 pm EDT). The rocket will dock with the International Space Station just under six hours later, carrying Expedition 39 to the station for a six-month mission.

Soyuz TMA-12M in launch position.

The Soyuz rocket will be bringing Commander Alexander Skvortsov, Flight Engineer Steven Swanson and Flight Engineer Oleg Artemyev to the International Space Station. They will be joining Commander Koichi Wakata and Flight Engineers Rick Mastracchio and Mikhail Tyurin. All six will share the station until Wakata, Mastracchio and Tyurin return to Earth on May 14th.


Image Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls