Supergirl and Storm Reign Over Hawaii In This Fantastic Photoshoot

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Dallas Nagata White is a photographer based out of Honolulu, Hawaii, with a particular interest in pop culture. She recently completed a photoshoot titled Heroines Over Honolulu. The island state makes for a great backdrop for these characters.

White actually made Storm’s costume herself, and had local model Neka wear it, while cosplayer Uncanny Megan took on Supergirl. The costumes and their respective backgrounds are fantastic, and it makes me wonder if we shouldn’t see more heroes jetting out to visit the islands for a while.


White noted that this particular photoshoot came after Honolulu’s Comic Con, and she wanted to do an outdoor shoot.

The mountain we shot on is called Mount Tantalus, and offers incredible views of the city, including the famous Diamond Head, so we thought it’d be a perfect location. We were also hoping for stormy clouds above the mountains on one side for Storm’s background, and the golden sunset on the other side for Supergirl’s shots, which is what we got! Usually it’s fairly windy at the lookout we stopped at, but it wasn’t that day, so we had to throw around the capes ourselves, much to the entertainment of the various tour buses that kept stopping by.

You can check out the rest of the album here and you can check out the rest of her work on her facebook page.

Photo credit: Dallas Nagata White